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TERMS OF TRADE (updated October 2018)


A Deposit on Booking. (50% for standard packages and negotiable for custom packages)


Balance due the week before the wedding.


In the event of a cancellation a $200 booking fee will be retained from your deposit.

One third of the deposit (plus the booking fee) is non refundable if we cannot

replace your booking with an equivalent package on the same date.


Note: If you pay in full for your chosen package before the wedding day

you will receive an extra enlargement of your choice.

See sizes on the package page you choose from.





If you choose your family and friends reprints and enlargements as ONE ORDER from any of the packages within four weeks of receiving your final edit low resolution images CD/DVD or WEBvu you will receive a free 10"x8" enlargement of your choice worth $52.


All reprints must be a combined through one source to receive this special.                                          YOUR IMAGES AND FRAMING SERVICES ONLINE





All travel costs will cover extra visits to sites and families

as is necessary and are GST exclusive.


For national and international travel (and all costs associated)

will be a negotiated added value.


Costs outside of The Matakana Wine Coast district:

Whangarei & Auckland ... $115, West Coast (Rodney District)

Orewa, Wellsford & Mangawhai, Hellensville ... $85





HOTSHOTS CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY owns the negatives/digital CD/DVD originals. Our policy is to give you the opportunity to buy the Negs/CD/DVD images so you maybe able to reproduce the works for your selves with the reproduction copyright passing over. There is a high cost to this service owing to the amount of artwork, intellectual copyright and enhancements included within the firsts on your files we cannot give them away as part of your package unless we charge higher for your package. If you choose to buy the files, it will not include the freedom to manipulate or change the original image without prior permission from Hotshots. It is only a reproduction copyright release. Images are edited at the photographers discretion, and delivered prints/edited images may not include all images shot included on the CD/DVD. The photographer reserves the creative right to edit and release only those deemed creditable as professional and retains the intellectual copyright to the artistic content which is covered by law in New Zealand. It is a prosecutable offence to alter the content without the artist/photographers written permission.


To assume ownership of the full size files you may buy the negatives/digital CD/DVD as part of your overall package for an extra cost including GST. All firsts images on the CD will be high resolution, cropped and enhanced print ready images for maximum quality and enlargement. They are much more than just the original. You receive with your package one complimentary CD/DVD of non watermarked 5"x7" fully enhanced firsts images from your choices + at the seconds. This is supplied at the completion of your job. Also see below in red for details on our archiving policy.


Prices for early purchase ownership of high resolution full size images, including art work are:

BRONZE $350+ gst, SILVER $525+ gst, GOLD and PLATINUM $850+ gst, CUSTOM POA


And after 2 years from wedding date:

BRONZE $120+ gst, SILVER $175+ gst, GOLD and PLATINUM $250+ gst,


HOTSHOTS CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY (HCP) wishes to protect the integrity of professionalism and the quality of reprints. We also aim to protect the high standard of achievement with the work we do for you which our good name is based upon. Therefore if you choose to acquire the CD/DVD/negs as part of your package it is important for you to follow our instructions to get the best results for further reprints because of possible color shift on your prints with different operator interpretations, chemicals, temperature's and papers when reprinted at different labs.


NOTE: The CD/DVD's are duplicated, retrievable archived and are stored in the a safe environment so that the natural deterioration due to the ageing process and temperature conditions are kept to a minimum. This is for your security to know that all Hotshots work is archived for posterity and security.





HCP owns the reproduction and artistic manipulation, intellectual copyright to all images. It is illegal to reproduce and manipulate the images without written permission from Hotshots. Copying any supplied prints infringes copyright and is prohibited without written permission from the copyright owners. If the negatives/CD/DVD's are purchased the reproduction copyright is transferred to the purchaser and thereafter all reproduction is at the purchasers own discretion. We will not be liable for others interpretation of our files once the reproduction copyright has been signed over to the new owners. You will own the prints and albums you buy.




The photographs and albums remain the property of HCP until full payment is made. HCP values that they will be the sole professional still photographer employed for your wedding day and asks for priority over any other type of photographer employed in connection with the wedding in the positioning of cameras and equipment. We will endeavor to be as accommodating as is possible with any official videographers and give fair space for any friends to achieve their shots as well. HCP while reserving the right to reproduce any images for competition, publication and self promotion, will consult with you out of respect for privacy. HCP take pride in their work which is guaranteed and should any disaster happen that is within our control we are accountable to supply the results that you expect according to your contract and we will negotiate an amicable settlement with you .


We respect your choices and value your feedback.


Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any queries regarding our services.




PHONE: +(64) 09 425 9417 • MOBILE: +(64) 021 425 941